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TRICO wiper blades TRICO Wiper Blades
TRICO Wiper Blades Offer Superior Performance Throughout an Expansive Product Line Covering Nearly All Applications.

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TRICO Heavy Duty TRICO Exact Fit TRICO NeoForm TRICO Oktane TRICO Winter TRICO Classic

Product Information
AMSOIL carries five different lines of TRICO wiper blades: Exact Fit, NeoForm, Oktane, Winter and Classic. TRICO is committed to providing the broadest line of wiper products at the highest level of quality for automotive original equipment manufacturers and the aftermarket. Drivers around the world depend on TRICO wiper blades. Their innovative design, quality production and superior performance make TRICO a perfect complement to AMSOIL and AMSOIL products.

The Tri-Continental Corporation was founded in 1917 to provide drivers with better visibility and introduced the first manually operated windshield wiper. Today, TRICO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wiper products and produces nearly one million wiper blades every week.

TRICO Exact Fit
TRICO Exact Fit wiper blades are pre-assembled to precisely match the vehicle’s arm type. They easily install in only seconds. Exact Fit blades’ all-metal construction provides superior strength and durability. These high-quality blades offer better-than-OEM performance and longevity, and cover nearly 99 percent of all auto/light truck applications. TRICO Exact Fit blades also cover many applications in class 6, 7 and 8 heavy-duty trucks. They are available in lengths from 10" to 28".

NeoForm wiper blades are TRICO’s highest-performing blades. Their single beam construction offers an infinite number of blade pressure points that deliver a constant, even pressure across the entire length of the wiper for a smoother, more consistent wipe. NeoForm blades’ attractive European aerofoil design helps keep the blade on the windshield, even in high wind or vehicle speeds. They fit most popular vehicles and come with a blade cleaner cloth packet.

TRICO Oktane
Oktane street performance wiper blades feature an all-metal blade frame with a built-in aerodynamic spoiler. Their pre-attached universal adapter fits sport compact and other vehicles in the auto/light truck and tuner markets. Oktane blades’ low profile reduces wind lift at higher speeds (up to 115 mph). They provide quiet operation with less chatter, and their sleek look complements the aesthetics of today’s modern vehicles. Oktane blades are available in six colors, including carbon fiber, chrome, white, red, blue and yellow. They come in five lengths for sport compact and other domestic and import vehicles; 16", 18", 20", 22" and 24".

TRICO Winter
As the first manufacturer to develop winter wiper blades in 1953, TRICO set the standard for snow country performance. TRICO Winter blades feature a protective rubber boot to help prevent snow and ice from clogging the blade. This allows it to maintain even pressure to provide a clean wipe and enhance driving visibility. Winter blades have a riveted design for extra durability. Their extra-thick, rugged OEM metal superstructure provides superior strength, and the pre-attached universal adapter fits 95 percent of vehicles directly. TRICO Winter blades are available in lengths of 11" to 28". No other wiper blade manufacturer offers 17", 19", 21", 26" or 28" lengths.

TRICO Classic
Classic blades are for vintage cars that are at least 20 years old. They feature a silver finish to resemble OEM blades on many classic American cars manufactured during the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s. The precision cut rubber wiping element provides a clean wipe every time. AMSOIL offers five models from the Classic blade line. TRICO Classic blades are available in lengths from 10" to 18".

Note: To ensure optimum visibility and safety in wet and freezing conditions windshield wiper blades should be changed on a regular basis. In most cases, the change interval recommendation is six months. This includes Trico's Exact Fit, Oktane, Winter and Classic blades.

NeoForm blades are Trico's top-performing blades. As such, they are listed as the first selection in the AMSOIL Online Product Application Guide. Similar to AMSOIL 25,000 mile/one-year motor oils, NeoForm blades, with a one year change recommendation, offer the convenience of extended performance. While NeoForm blades may cost more initially than standard wiper blades, they are cost-justified over the extended life of the blade.

Application Information
TRICO Exact Fit, NeoForm, Oktane and Winter wiper blade application information is available in the AMSOIL Online Product Application Guide. TRICO Classic wiper blade applications can be found in the AMSOIL Online Vintage Lookup. For information on TRICO, the TRICO warranty or for additional installation and application information, please call AMSOIL Technical Services at (715) 399-TECH.

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